Re-Nic is born during the workshop “Crisis Design” of the5.rere-nic lecturer and designer Marcello Ziliani and developed in collaboration with Alessandro Giacchetti and Cristina Marasca.
Re-Nic is a solar oven and a barbecue obtained by recovering scrap’s materials from the disposal of a household appliance.It’s designed to reduce costs and to be a 0Km project. The software Eco-It is used to calculate the environmental impact caused by supply of raw materials, production, transport and storage.

The aim of the project is to contrast the planned obsolescence in everyday products. Washing machines reborn from their metal components to create the structure of the solar oven and its support. The barbecue was built with the washing machine drum and its supporting structure is made by waste materials from construction. The product has been designed for public use to set up green areas and refreshment for the local community.

I made by hand the prototype using waste materials and learning how to use working machinery, like cutting grinder, drill press, wire welder and spray gun.

The project was done in teamwork dividing the tasks in accordance with attitudes and skills of each one. The first stage of design was intensive and we used an indirect and creative approach, following the “Lateral thinking” method, coined by Edward de Bono.