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Stewed cuttlefish and mantis shrimps with peas

Warming up these freezing days with a gorgeous fish soup!

Stewed cuttlefish and mantis shrimps with peas and a braid of whole grain bread. “Fare la scarpetta” is highly recommended, literally it means “make a little shoes” but in Italy we use this phrase when we mop up the sauce on our plate with bread coz nothing delicious has to be waste.

Nourishing English breakfast

Fried eggs, bacon, French toast, hash browns and cappuccino. Nourishing breakfast provides your body with energy and helps boost brain power.

Homemade pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? Homemade pizza is the best recipe to cook if you have some friends eating in your place! Check our easy pizza dough recipe!

Truffles – The Black Gold

Cleaning black truffles. Also called “the black gold”, this gourmet gem has got a pungent aroma and not replicable flavour #blacktruffle #truffle #foodsgram #blackgold




Fantàsia is a toy for children developed in collaboration with Gabriele Lucchitta for the course “Basics of three-dimesional design studio” held by the architects Riccardo Varini and Massimo Barbierato.

The inspiration came from the book for children “Favole al telefono” written by Gianni Rodari. The project encourages children to play with light and shapes, carrying them in a magic world where they become directors of their tales or audience of  parents animated narratives.


The structure is made by plywood and divided internally into three layers of PMMA. Through the use of neodymium magnets, it allows to compose the scenario with figurative and abstract shapes of wood. It gives the possibility to create prospective backgrounds or play with the overlap of several silhouettes.


The toy is designed to contain all the necessary pieces and to be easily transported and stored.

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