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About Warm Cocotte

About Warm Cocotte
Warm Cocotte is an experimental studio focused on eating experience mediated by food design.
Our primary aim is to connect consumers with foods at the emotional level giving them the possibility to interact with their dinner in unusual ways.
The feelings concerning the experience of tasting certain meals are affected by food physical properties as well many other factors such as culture, environment, peers and parental influence, tools, appearance and diners.
These play a role on our liking rate, willingness to eat and sense of satisfaction equally to taste.

Warm Cocotte is founders by me and Gloria Viganò, both Italians and with a great passion for food which we combine with a background in design studies with several experimentations in food and eating design fields.
Big cities fast mentality judges food as mere nourishment losing the values of sharing a gratifying meal with someone special and preferring quick packed lunches or cheap junks.
The intent of the studio is to spur people to reflect on food as social catalyst and vehicle of unpredictable emotions.
The experimental process allows us to collect real feedbacks from our guests and to design any time different custom dinners to canalize consumers’ reactions and feelings.

Making Gnocchi Illustration

Illustration by Emanuele Giglio and Gloria Viganò for Warm Cocotte

@warmcocotte presents: “Making Gnocchi” this traditional Italian dish is made with poor ingredients and really easy to cook. Using fresh raw ingredients and spending a but of time more we can enjoy an handmade dish rich of flavor and extremely cheap.

Stewed cuttlefish and mantis shrimps with peas

Warming up these freezing days with a gorgeous fish soup!

Stewed cuttlefish and mantis shrimps with peas and a braid of whole grain bread. “Fare la scarpetta” is highly recommended, literally it means “make a little shoes” but in Italy we use this phrase when we mop up the sauce on our plate with bread coz nothing delicious has to be waste.

Romanesco broccoli

Romanesco broccoli is a nature’s masterpiece. Its flavour is delicate, sweeter and nuttier than a cauliflower. It can be eaten raw, dressed with oil, salt and lemon or cooked in various ways: boiled, fried or used in soups.

Let’s enjoy the fractals!

Nourishing English breakfast

Fried eggs, bacon, French toast, hash browns and cappuccino. Nourishing breakfast provides your body with energy and helps boost brain power.

Chocolate and raspberries mini sponge cake

Chocolate and raspberries mini sponge cake


When the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine…That’s amore!

#fresella #driedbread #organic

Creamy pumpkin, carrots and potato soup

Creamy pumpkin, carrots and potato soup. Next time we will add a pinch of curry and turmeric!

Homemade pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? Homemade pizza is the best recipe to cook if you have some friends eating in your place! Check our easy pizza dough recipe!

Truffles – The Black Gold

Cleaning black truffles. Also called “the black gold”, this gourmet gem has got a pungent aroma and not replicable flavour #blacktruffle #truffle #foodsgram #blackgold

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